Saturday, July 17, 2010


Being alone and not going back to miri was not a good idea at the first place. I'm boring, nothing to do, everyday watch anime and sleep is killing me off. I'm starting to hate my life here. I wish that someone here can accompany me so that I don't feel like dying.

Babe, I'm really tired of fighting over the same issue over and over again. I really hate it. Now I care no more, you go or not is no longer my concern. I'm tired.

I'm alone in Perth, no one here to comfort me when i'm emo, no one that i can talk to. I miss my family, my friends in miri. Everyday, i wait for you skype call or msn, thats my life now during holiday because thats the only time I can express myself.

I'm lonely.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

graduated from training = )

well....its finally the day for my training end.

hmm...i waited so long for this day.

its finally here..well..

actually, its kinda sad..

i think i'll miss the place..

i met a lot of people there, the are all nice to me

and they taught me a lot

well, its weird..but i feel like working there a bit least until the project is really finished..

lol..its a pain in the ass = =

Friday, January 22, 2010

simple love

sorry babe...

sorry i'm not in mood of writing any sweet stuffs...

you might find this boring..

just want you to know this..i love you not because of who you are or what you are

i just love you because it is you that i love..

the girl who love me deep inside her heart...the girl who ever let me feel in love...
the girl who shown me how to drop the tear...the girl who opened my heart

babe..lets do our best to protect our love k?..

i love our love..and i want it to be forever if it is possible...
until my last breath..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


yeah yeah yeah...i know this is

but...i kinda fall in love with the scaffolding..haha..

it is kinda fun climbing up and down..xD long as it doesnt sway here and there...

Monday, January 18, 2010

work work work

hmm...well its the 9th week since i work at the imperial inn


actually, it turns out to be quite fun working there.

i met a lot of people. most importantly, they always treat me lunch...xD

besides that, i also found a secret hideout where i can slack off and having some nap..xD

its the roof...from there i can almost see the whole miri city

i cant say that its a great view..but everytime when i'm feeling down or emo..

it can always cheer me up.. = )

totally random

this is somewhat 5 in the morning.

normally i'll be in my bed..well i guess sometime things just happened..

lol..what am i talking about.


i just dont feel like expressing myself at FB

One more month later, i'll be in perth.

Yeah..i'm really excited about it.

But, the time just seeems to be slowing down.

= S i miss her

i hate quarrel


Thursday, September 24, 2009

one year anniversary

sorry babe..i can neither accompany nor give you any present for our anniversary = S
i guess i should at least write something for you. = )

25th august, one month before our anniversary.
i decided to record down everything that happen before 24 sept.
i finally can online, the days without internet is really killing me especially when i cant see your face before sleep. babe i really miss you. Btw, i love the pic you gave me xD they are soooo cute...really!!

26th august, 7 xi qing ren jie....babe i love you. you're so cute babe, you sing a lot today xD
sorry babe, i didn't wake you up today. i love you.
p.s. we didn't argue today xD

27th & 28th....
i'm just being lazy yesterday, thats why i'm posting 27th n 28th together...
basically, babe just busy with her assignment stuff.
she did her best last night and sleep only at morning and now she's off to work again..= S
if only i can help her.
well, we dont really have any fight. mb just some jealousy issues..= =

we sang alot today...jz like d o'day
= S baby started to get sick...cham
basically, nthg really special did happen today
i spent my day formatting lappie and study

omg...i was totally forgot bout 30 n 31st...
sorry babe..i'm too busy studying for d exams
= S...we've got into a fight on 30th
finally fin d exam today....ohhhhh btw...xD babe started to play dragonica as well.....happy

2nd, sept
damn happy...xD
i found out that babe made a doll herself for me as the present of our first anniversary...
= )
hehe...babe...i'll give you a surprise also..although i havent figure it out yet...= S

3rd, sept
babe babe..xD
we've done somthg awesome together today...hehehee
and u're keep singing the i love you...babalalalalaba baaaa..xD
i really love it....i know you've gone through lot of hardship for writing down the lyric..since its a korean song..
babe...i love you...= )

4th, sept
sorry..= S
i dont meant it...really
i'm sorry that i made you worry for me..i'm sorry that i didnt bring my phone again..
i just wanted to talk with you..
why wont you give me a chance...sorry
i still love you
at least you did find me in d end...

5th, sept...
i guess everything going well until we played drago at nite..= S
nthg much to say...

6th, sept...
= S
we almost break up...seriously...
i guess we both cried..
i asked you do you still love me? didnt gave me d answer...
and you didnt speak a word
its a nightmare...
thx finally talked to me at say you love me...
me too babe...i really love you..
i guess we both learn alot from that lesson...
i'll treasure you more now

7th, sept
not sure if u're looking at this angel...happy birthday.!!
hehe...babe overslept today...
sorry babe...i couldnt wake you up...= S
i did try...maybe i just didnt try hard enough....i love you
= )

babe...i love you... lai chuang again....= =
whole day lai lai lai....
babe very tired..= S coz couldnt sleep at night
and skipped whole day class...= S
erk...= =...dont know what to write for today...= =
and babe sent me her leng leng zhi pai with xue xue today..xD
cute si

today is 9-9-2009
chong chong gao gao...
babe wrote jor "

090909 0909pm...
luen luen..i jz wanna say...
66 noʎ ǝʌoʃ ı xD

me too babe..= )
sorry i went out for so long again...= S
i miss you
sad daooooo... = S i almost lost my ring again..= S

10th sept
once again...xD tq babe for waking me up
i wont be able to attend the class if it wasn't of you
mwah mwahhh...xD
i helped baby to play the tower defense and won her dadi..xD

11th sept..
hmm..i finally win until 85k in d tower defense but unfortunately...babe log in her fb without acknowledging me...i guess anyone will be mad after 30 minutes of hard work being ruined...
seriously...I'm damn angry by that time, so i scolded her..= S
and now she dont want to talk with me again...
one word sian..= S
in the end, i guess i'm d one who's doing wrong again..just like always i'll put away my self esteem and say sorry to her...
because i love her

sorry...i'm wrong...
please forgive me

sorry...the scored was recorded..= S
i scold you without checking...i'm sorry...kill me babe...
today's the 465th day since we first met each other...
last year's make the very first video for me...i guess that's the first time i really fall into you...= )
i love you babe.....

12, sept
mwahzzzz...both of us wake up at noon..= = you babe...tat owner finally buy back tat kid from babe...xD
i've been studying statistic whole night..

13, sept
a busy day...= S
sorry babe, i didnt really accompany you today
was studying d whole day...playing d whole night...
= =
lol...i love you babe...

14th sept
= S
getting 0 for my quiz...= S
stupid si...
thx babe
thx for comforting me..= S
i love you...mwahzzzz
thx for crying for me..= )
love you 4ever

15th sept
babe suddenly cry today
sha sha de...= )
wo ai ni...and you...keep letting me see "HER" pic...= =
lol....den i'm very bad also..keep on bad mouthing "HER" pic...say its fat n short
you couldnt sleep again today...= S
love you babe...
you suddenly remind me of my quiz and make me emo...= =

16th sept
= S
sorry babe...i was doing my assignment whole night
and i didnt sms to you and make you upset..= S
when i came back around 2..i couldn't find you anywhere...
you finally find me at 2.40....and we somehow argue because
i didnt reply your msg..= S
i love you...

17th sept
= )
sha dan...= )
have been study whole day
...i know you're doing your best...= )
love you
acc you study until very late...xD
den wake you up...but you lai till 11...= =
i've finally fin my assignment...xD
and you've finally fin your exam....
one more to go..gambateh

18th sept've fin all ur exam..xD
you're so cute today...
keep on da dada dadada xD
ai ni o baby...
= )
babe draw jor a pic for me...
i love it...really really love it...
= )
thx babe

u draw diok me so u yourself so damn innocent

19th sept
19th sept of 2008..i told babe mi piaci, it mean i like you in Spanish..
and yes..we made a promise that we'll go to mi piaci restaurant together someday
babe..i love you
and yeah..i always do

20th sept
i sent you the "almost the same" msg i sent you last year this morning
i hope it touched you
= )
i love you babe
hehe..and the lollipop
i hope you really love it..xD
i'll keep it until you come

i went to parkson again...xD
having sushi, durian puff and so on....
i'll bring you nx time..promise...and the new movie...009 by gu tin lok...=

= S
sorry babe
i kept on gaming
= S
but hor..i keep thinking of you even when i'm gaming...xD
i love you babe

23rd 24th
i made a video for babe
hehe...hope you enjoy it...= )
and vj couple made a pic for us
and you as
draw something for us

its finally the day...= )
babe...i love you